Official Soundtrack Album to my TV show

Neill Anthony Private Chef TV Show soundcloud soundtracks

Music is so integral to our day-to-day lives. Listening to it whilst trying to concentrate or just dance at home whilst doing chores in the privacy of your own home. I think this soundtrack from my TV Show is just so awesome to play whilst cooking!

I’l let you listen to the 10 tracks and be the judge. #privatechefneillanthony

Josh Wynter the composer from Mother City Records did a fantastic mix.

We will be releasing a downloadable version very soon.

Track 1: Luminescene 

Track 2: Static Thrills

Track 3: Triptych

Track 4: Forgotten Tomorrows

Track 5: Told you so

Track 6: Catch Me

Track 7: Small Things

Track 8: Coloursplash

Track 9: Treacle

Track 10: LMNtary

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