Jozi Style – Priavte Chef Neill Anthony TV Series Goes Global

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Premier: Thursday, 7 April at 20:00 (Double-bill)
Airs: Double-bill every Thursday from 20:00 to 21:00
Genre: Culinary lifestyle/reality
Number of episodes: 13
Duration: 24 Minutes

The reality cooking series that provides a glimpse into the secret, day-to-day life of a private chef in South Africa. On call 24/7 to cater to the demands of his exclusive clientele, the location may be an ocean-side villa, a game farm or even a tiny galley kitchen on a yacht. The nature and size of the request doesn’t matter. What does is the dining extravaganza that he is expected to deliver to satisfy the most demanding of clients.

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Neill Anthony – The Private Chef is a food television series that exposes the life of being a personal chef in South Africa in which our chef, Neill Anthony, is invited to cook in the homes of his prestigious friends, acquaintances and clients for their personal dinner extravaganzas, while the audience gets to watch and learn how to cook restaurant quality food for their own dinner parties with all the pro-chef tips included.

With a cheeky smile, naughty eyes, smouldering good-looks and a six-pack (so we hear), no situation is too much to handle for Cape Town’s ever-so-charismatic personal chef, Neill Anthony, when he swoops in and steals the hearts of audiences from all over the world with his internationally acclaimed chef bravado while he cooks for and entertains his high-profile clients.

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