As seen on TV

You are invited to watch and learn as Neill conceptualises, sources and cooks restaurant quality food for private dinner parties – with all the professional chef tips included! Share each episode’s recipe and the guest Neill cooked it for from this “As Seen on TV” section

No Situation is too much to handle for Cape Town’s charismatic, Private Chef, Neill Anthony.

Set in cosmopolitan South Africa, each episode begins in Neill’s contemporary modern loft apartment in the heart of Cape Town where we discover who he will be cooking for, what challenges he may face in order to accomplish his client’s desires and who he will call in for help along the way. Right from the start we watch how Neill begins the process of preparing for his client’s ultimate lunch or dinner party.

Just before heading out to source his produce, Neill will prepare one dish for himself while still at home. As a personal chef, he lives a fast-paced, high-pressure lifestyle, but he still believes and invests in a healthy, well-balanced meal for himself. He will demonstrate how easy it is to put together quick, healthy, affordable, wholesome meals for those of us who are constantly on the go.

With a strong belief in sustainable food created by the local market, Neill will take us on a colourful journey through the back streets of Cape Town as he shares his ‘secret’ contacts and tricks with the audience, sourcing the ingredients that he will need for the evening’s festivities. With the additional pressure to meet his client’s demands, he will be faced with many nail-biting complications and challenges along the way.

Once he has arrived at his clients venue Neill will prepare, complete or even sometimes have to restart the evening’s menu. While the pressure culminates, this is where the true magic happens and Neill brings to life his clients ultimate dinner party serving Michelin star-quality food with his own signature style.